3 reasons for weight loss can’t lose weight with solutions

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It is a problem for many people who try to lose weight and then it happens. stagnant weight The weight stays in place. Which is considered normal for people who lose weight to meet it. Even if everyone meets it, but when it happens to yourself, it can make us feel discouraged as well. Because of this stagnant weight, sometimes it lasts for months at all. The reasons why our weight is not reduced are as follows: 3 reasons for weight loss can’t lose weight with solutions ufabet

3 reasons for weight loss

1. Not getting enough calories

     For people who lose weight counting calories or are very careful about calories. by fear that if taking too many calories, it will make us unable to lose weight So try to eat only vegetables while minimizing other foods as much as possible. Doing this will keep the weight steady. Because nutrients are really important. Of people who are losing weight, it is protein.

     When getting very low in calories The body stops burning energy and results in the body’s perception of starvation. When the body is in this state of starvation and so on. The metabolic system in the body will work less and less. Whenever we eat a little more food The weight will bounce back up, or what we call the Yo-Yo effect, sure enough.

2. Exercising too much

     Is exercising too much bad? because a lot of exercise It makes the body burn a lot of calories … Actually, I have to say this. Exercising too much, especially cardio exercises such as running and swimming, can cause us to lose muscle mass easily if done too much. like exercising every day without any rest days This is considered too much. And the body may be able to break down all the muscle mass.

     We recommend alternating cardio and weight training exercises to build muscle. Losing muscle is like losing a fat burner. As for the number of exercises I only do it 3-4 times a week, half – 1 hour each time is enough.

3. Eat less protein

     That being said, protein is an essential nutrient that dieters need to consume enough each day. If you eat too little protein, it will result in our muscles being reduced. and burn less fat And when the body does not get enough protein, it will not be able to build and repair muscles.