Detox, the new trend that gives office ladies

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Of course, the active lifestyle life of working-age people like us. Would inevitably work in front of the computer For a long time to be able to move. And not moving Or sitting in place for too long It can be a cause of constipation as well, and of course, constipation has many effects on life. 

The immune system, cramps or even a swollen abdomen And dull skin. When moving around. It becomes uncomfortable and irritate. Until not wanting to do any activities Until it makes life boring.

Which solution to these constipation problems One option is to Detox the intestines In addition to the trend of exercise to get a good shape, flat stomach or food, I have to control the food menu. For that strong health Another alternative trend, as mentioned above, is “detox”, which most women are interest in ยูฟ่าเบท

The advantages of the detox

Because the advantages of the detox Not only will it help detoxify. Expel various wastes from the intestines. Also helps to keep your stomach flat Get more beautiful and healthy skin as well. Because of course When there is no waste in the body Everything is good.

Which the selection of products used in the detox Should choose a quality product. And use products that are naturally extracted Which is fully integrated In this case, it means helping in various ways. Because of the general detox Emphasis is place on detoxification. But in fact, naturally, there are more vegetables and fruits that are more prominent in the intestinal detoxification. Because it is not a medicine take. To dehydrate the body.

Because of the detox. It must be a proper detox. A safe standardized process, FIDA PLUS has applied three principles to create a quality detox. With the result that will make It is effective in increasing the fiber in the body. For easier bowel movements Ready to absorb fat and detoxify. It and of course what follows is a matter of weight. Because it contains ingredients like GRACINIA EXTRACT that help reduce fat production Good metabolism boost. And contains Maki Berry that helps in the matter of anti-oxidants. So that the skin is white and clear It can resist inflammation of the skin.

Feature extracts from FIDA PLUS are obtain

  • Kaempferia   that kills bacteria and takes care of the immune system. Not easy to get sick
  • Maki Berry   Helping Help with skin issues Inflammation of the skin
  • Garcinia that helps control weight. Reduce fat formation Increase metabolism. Thus making your detox more holistically quality

Fida Plus is suitable for people who are concerned about excretion. Or have persistent constipation. Because as mention above. With ingredients from ‘Krachai Khao’ that helps in killing bacteria. not getting sick easily, as well as helping to take care of the health of the skin. Easily eaten and excreted fluently. It also can control weight as well, especially for women who do not like to eat fruits and vegetable. Thus causing frequent constipation. And would like to have bright skin care.