Tuchel hinted at adding a young defensive line into the nest

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has dropped hints about adding more defenders. By pointing out that the team needs young players to join the team.

         The Blues have been heavily linked with Leicester City defender Wesley Fofana, whose current defense is past the age of three, including Thiago Silva (37). , Cesar Azpilicueta (32) and Kalidou Koulibaly (31) new players ufabet.

         Although Tuchel said there was a need to rely on experienced players. But it emphasizes the importance of bringing in young shins to reinforce as well.

         “There are many experienced players. It might be another era. they are quality And they know what they are doing,” Tuchel said. 

    “We also have to make sure that a new generation takes over in the years to come. But these players are very strong. That is why they are under contract and they have earned our trust.”

         “It needs to be balanced. I think it’s necessary Games are generally physically oriented and have high expectations. this is the situation We already knew that.”

         “Azpi is a legend as he is, Thiago was in a very important moment for us and when we had the chance to sign Koulibaly we did it because we believed he had a lot of time left. year But overall, like the number 6 goalkeeper and defender, two of them are at the age of three. That’s what it is.”

         “Speed ​​is a problem. in all contracts This is the requirement of a game where you can duel one-on-one. You can defend the area if you want if the game is fast.”