Dalot urges ghost friends to make excuses after losing to Brighton

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Manchester United right-back Diogo Dalot has urged his team-mates to improve their performance soon after starting their Premier League debut. England lost 2-1 at home to Brighton.

         Pascal Gross netted twice for the visitors at Old Trafford, while the hosts scored from Alexis Mac Allister’s own goal by the way. Dalot, who started in the starting lineup in this game, urged his friends to speed things up quickly.

         “I was just trying to jump towards the goalkeeper. We know he’s coming out of the door well. I just try to jump as high as possible. Touch the ball and think it hit my shoulder or my back,” Dalot said of the moment the team scored. “I hope it enters. But it’s not enough.”

         “We have to be optimistic. We still found chances to score in the second half. with a good playing rhythm But we have to do that for 90 minutes, not just 45 minutes and try to do that in the next game ufabet.”

         “Obviously it’s the first game. We still have a long season to go. it was a defeat We must join forces I think I have a duty for the next game. We make sure to analyze what we did well and what we did not do well and try to improve it in the next game.”